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New Jersey Nursing Home Negligence

Many of us entrust the care of our loved ones to nursing homes and expect them to be well cared for. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many nursing homes are owned by profit-oriented chains that increase their profits by short-staffing the facility. When there are not enough nurses/aides, or when the employees are poorly paid, you will often times see poor care.

Sadly, when people age, they become more vulnerable to neglect and sometimes even abuse, neglect. Some older people opt to move into nursing homes or longterm care facilities to ensure that they are well cared for, and will be protected from the effects of their deteriorating physical and/or mental conditions. In these settings, however, older people are sometimes actually physically and/or psychologically harmed by the negligent or intentional acts of their caregivers.

Many people in the U.S. discount the feelings and rights of the elderly because they associate aging with physiological, psychological, and social disability; however, this attitude is unwarranted and unfair. Senior citizens should be allowed to live out their lives free from pain, suffering, and distress caused by the negligence or abuse or others.

In institutional settings, several factors have been shown to contribute to the abuse or neglect of residents, including: poorly qualified and inadequately trained staff; staff with a history of violence; inadequate staff; the isolation of residents; and, the reluctance of residents to report abuse out of embarrassment or fear.

The following are just a few examples of nursing home abuse:

  • Failing to give proper nutrition and hydration;
  • Failure to assist in personal hygiene when needed;
  • Incorrect medication dosage;
  • Failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent slips and falls;
  • Failure to turn residents in their beds causing pressure sores or "bed sores";
  • Physical abuse of the resident;
  • Emotional or verbal abuse of the resident;
  • Failure to provide for appropriate medical care;
  • Theft of the resident's money or other personal property.

If your loved one is in a nursing home, the following are some signs to look for if they are not being properly cared for:

  • Significant weight loss;
  • Dehydration;
  • Depression or isolation;
  • Fear/anxiety;
  • Presence of bedsores;
  • Unexplained skin rashes;
  • Urine and/or feces odor.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, the best way to avoid any negligence or abuse is to be a constant presence. If you feel or even suspect that a family member may be a victim of nursing home negligence or abuse, please contact Kenneth Fost. You can also reach us at 973.748.5200 or by filling out our Contact Form.


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